Ask your MP to support our call for more funding for carers breaks

This Carers Week, we are calling on the UK Government to urgently act by increasing funding for carers’ breaks, so all carers providing significant hours of care can take a break. We want the UK Government to provide an additional £50 per week on personal budgets for carers in England to access breaks, or for those carers who choose not to use them to provide the equivalent funding for local services for carers breaks, and also provide additional funding for the devolved administrations using the Barnett Formula.

Using this simple form, please ask your MP to show their support for unpaid carers this Carers Week, and tell them about the urgent need for carers to be able to take more breaks from their caring role. By doing so, you will help to raise awareness of the challenges carers face and encourage your MP to support our campaign for more funding for carers’ breaks.

If you are a carer, please tell your MP about your own experience of caring and how long it has been since you had a meaningful break using the form below.

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