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Make it Fairer for Carers

Carer's Allowance in Scotland is going up by £8.50 per week to the same level as Jobseeker's Allowance which Carers UK welcomed. In the short term, Carers UK is campaigning for Carer's Allowance in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be raised by at least £8.50 to match these changes.

It's not fair that carers in the UK will receive different rates of financial support depending on where they live.

Carers UK is sending a letter on behalf of the 6.5 million carers in the UK to Secretary of State, Esther McVey, calling for Carer's Allowance to be raised to the level of Jobseeker's Allowance. We are asking you to add your voice to our campaign to help make sure that the Government hears loud and clear about the financial hardship that many carers face.

We know that it's not just carers who feel strongly about this issue; if you are not a carer but would like to join our campaign you can also add your name to show your support.

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